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Students apprehensive about their accommodation search in a new city can feel rest assured of getting comfortable living options in Perth which is the capital city of Western Australia. There are student accommodations available at prime locations like The Boulevard Perth which is near the Central Business District of the city.


Just where the Swan River meets the southwest coast,Best Student Accommodations in Perth to Cut Down on Commute Time to the University Articles is the place where you will find Perth, the capital city of Western Australia. Perth is best known for best university Egypt its sandy beaches lining the suburbs. The city is also famous for the highest per capita number of self-made millionaires in the world.

Adapting to a new lifestyle in this new city and calling it the second home is very challenging. If a student plans to study in Perth, then he should be well aware of the regions where easy accommodations are available.


Finding reliable student accommodation near Murdoch University is quite easy with student housing marketplaces offering convenient living through various apartment options with additional amenities and other benefits. The property is within walking distance from the university, hence allowing students to have ample time for their studies, visiting places and doing recreational activities. The average rent ranges from A$138.5 to A$239 per week.